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Daniel Colour Masked
By Daniel Jauch

Why the right tag matters

<div>s as far as the eye can see...
If you’ve ever looked an application’s HTML output, you’re likely quite familiar with this:

Endless tags with cryptic attributes. Looking in, how is it possible to make sense of that image without me telling you what application this is? Imagine working in an application that looks like this. Some of you reading this may already be in that exact environment.

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By Sandra Clark
Head of Project Management

Agile Australia '17

Having recently come back from #AgileAus, I have been thinking about what I learnt and what actions I can take. It was a great conference, held in June at the Sydney Hilton with over 1,200 Agilists attending. A nice surprise to see a large presence from some big banks and insurance companies who are newly implementing Agile. It was wonderful to have access to so many international speakers over a pretty intensive two day programme. I’ve been reviewing my notes in preparation for this blog, and there are some clear themes emerging: behaviour change, agile leadership and continuous learning.

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